How It All Began

Ryan, owner and visionary of Bahn Camper Works, was just 14 when he needed a superior, all-composite whitewater slalom canoe to race in the Junior World Championships. Instead of buying one, he built it himself in his parent’s garage to ensure it fit his size and performance needs. As time went on, Ryan continued to chase his Olympic dreams, but when he wasn’t training, he was working with composites, rebuilding old Land Cruisers, and pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

After his racing days were over, Ryan married his training partner and love-of-his-life, Sarah, and took a job as an engineer in the unmanned aircraft industry. Two kids later, Ryan realized he needed a camper and gear hauler to support his growing family and their collective passion for adventure. But when he couldn't find a high quality, seamless, light slide-in truck camper—he did what he always does, he built one himself. 

What Makes Us Unique

With over 20 years of experience working with composites, 5 years of design and 2 years of development and testing, Ryan has produced the ultimate truck camper. Using aerospace and marine manufacturing processes, Ryan created a one-piece composite camper shell that is strong, lightweight and built to last for generations. The empty shell with insulated walls, interior wall paneling, and his custom t-slot mounting system, weighs in at a jaw dropping 700 lbs. A nicely equipped camper can weigh as little as 1500 lbs. With the custom t-slot mounting system, a camper can be configured quickly and specifically to a customer’s needs. The slide-in camper can also be built out as a promotional, sales, or service truck camper. Line the walls with storage for products and still have a place to sleep on those long sales trips. Contact us to start building the truck camper of your dreams.

The Team

Team Ryan Bahn Campers
Team Sarah Bahn Campers 2
070 Bahn Composites 351X230
  • "The back doors alone sold me, but then I opened the inside to find the highest quality craftsmanship with the best windows I’ve ever seen in a camper and had to have one." Loyal Customer

  • "Pleasant, bright and accommodating, he was thorough in our discussions, offered well thought out advice and created multiple preliminary computerized CAD sketches of our future vehicle. He had some genius ideas for making our truck as much like home as possible while still prioritizing all the gear storage we wanted." Martin & Bethany -

  • "I love that I can tie my moto down inside for long trips." Andrew Bryden, Co-founder Mosko Moto

Reinventing the Camper