Why We Sell Just the Shell, By Sarah Bahn

Sarah here, fondly known as Queen of the shop. Well really that’s a title I gave myself and the shop crew just rolls their eyes at me when I use it. Give me some credit—I work in a fumy composite shop with all guys—I had to do...

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Let's Talk Payload Capacity and Trucks! By Sarah Bahn

Here at Bahn Camper Works we think all automobile manufactures make great trucks, but it can be frustrating shopping for a truck that you plan to put a slide-in or flatbed truck camper on. You might want to buy a ½ ton truck because you...

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Camper or Van? By Sarah Bahn

Camper or van? Van or camper? Ryan and I asked ourselves this every single day when we first started looking at recreational vehicles and we know many of you do too. It is a hard question to answer because both are outstanding choices and...

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